Raise questions, improve, research, understand mistakes, and evaluate possibilities: any action must be carefully considered and analysed, as part of a working philosophy, of a project that begins in the vineyard, grows in the cellar, and takes form in our wines. Combine innovation and tradition, giving meaning to the past to understand the present and always sticking to the principles of care, attention, respect for nature and the environment, quality of products, selection, and dedication.


Work the land and reap its fruits, appreciate them, know their qualities, make the most of them, and limit their defects, to obtain a product that is unique and recognisable; for us who work at the Cavaliere winery, wine is a product that grows and matures in taste and flavour, with its distinctive character and personality.
This is how our vineyards create classic wines from Merlot grapes: wines with a proud character such as the ARTÙ, never improvised like the LANSILÒ or long awaited like the DELIZIA; wines assembled in the cellar, wines for sharing like the GALÀ or the fresh and white challenge of the LOERO; creative and transient wines like the PRIMO or renewed sparkling wines like the DICIOTTO; specialities with a structured and balanced flavour like the AURELIO, or of excellence like the PRESTIGE, new and unique like the OTTAVO; Cru wines like the bare and crude soil of the GAMBAROGNO.

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