From the slopes of Mount Ceneri, on theroad that led from Cadenazzo to the old harbour of Magadino, lay the commandery ofContone, one of the historical headquarters of the Order of the Knights of Malta in Canton Ticino, now a village in the municipality of Gambarogno.
In this area that was reclaimed a long time ago, on this deep, fresh and sandy land that has long been used for agriculture; it is from its vineyards, its noble and ancient grapes, honouring the values of honesty, dedication, patience, and loyalty to land, that the winery IL CAVALIERE takes its name.



This land has belonged to our family for generations; from my great grand-father, who founded the farm back in 1895; my grand-father, Aurelio, who planted the first vineyard in the farm, with a small wine production for family use, and passed on to me, when I was a child, the passion for this ancient work, as well as the secret, which is almost a ritual, to bottle red wines to the right level; down to my father, Giorgio, who expanded the vineyard area and applied new techniques borrowed from fruit-growing to the land and plants. My wife Tiziana and I took over the farm in 2000; we abandoned the project of multiple crops and focused on wine growing and oenology exclusively.
We expanded the vineyard area and developed our products with new wine-making techniques within a project aimed at creating tradition through innovation. I believe that wine is above all a passion; passing on this passion, as it was to me, is an objective, the result of a great deal of work, a success finally achieved with our sons. Our eldest son, Loris, has been working with us for some time now, while our younger son, Eros, is studying viticulture. Thanks to them and to a team of highly skilled professionals, every year we are able to maintain and improve the standards of quality, selection, dedication, and care that make us proud as wine producers and ensure our customers’ trust. A solid background, feet firmly planted on the ground, eyes opened to the future ahead… and in our hands, a glass of good wine!
Roberto Belossi
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