Every ethical decision outlines a method that step by step leads to a path; these decisions are our work in the wine cellar, in the vineyard and in every drop of our wine.
Observing nature, following seasons and the weather, letting grow without forcing the natural cycle, integrating a set of techniques and knowledge that can balance the authenticity of scents and tastes of our wines.
At the “Cantina il Cavaliere” we have chosen a system of integrated farming because it combines environment and health, technical knowledge and production, balance and sustainability.


Talk about integrated manufacturing for us means comparing well justified technical knowledge rather than simply the affirmation of chemicals in agriculture.
The principle of this cultivation method is to protect the harvests from specific diseases and plant pests without indiscriminately resorting to an excessive “chemical shortcut” and the deriving side effects.
The Integrated Farming also named Integrated Production is an agricultural system of low environmental impact production that co-ordinates a rational and synergistic use of cultural methods, biological, biotechnical and phytochemicals with the purpose of minimize an impact on environment and health by negative means.


The aim is to combine environment protection and sustainable development with production by raising the level of health protection for operators and final customers.
Different agricultural practices are applied in order to create a suitable environment for plants and their growth.
Integrated agriculture mostly covers the areas of:

  • organic fertilizer balance for soil fertility elements based on the normal life cycle of organic substances to keep plants healthier, productive, and resistant from disease.
  • Conservative tillage techniques with the aim of preventing degradation and erosion of soil, eliminating weeds and reducing the number of harmful insects that inhabit the soil.
  • water regulation to prevent stagnant water and the resulting excess moisture, favourable condition for pest attacks
  • use of natural pesticides to limit the release of harmful elements into the environment, to produce higher quality grapes and minimize the risk for consumer health and lessen the impact on beneficial organisms (predators, parasitoids, pollinators, etc.. ).

The Integrated Agriculture falls within the field of sustainable agriculture by optimizing the use of resources and technical means to achieve the necessary production, making healthy and safe wines while preserving and protecting the environment.
Therefore, an ethical choice, a natural choice.

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